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"Youcups " According to the persons right to privacy regulation ( No.486 chapter) prescribed in HK law and the persons right to privacy protection policy affirmed by the International society, we protect your privacy right.

Individual Information Acquirement:

Entering "Youcups " web or its interrelated webs, the users do not need to input individual information mainly except that you are willing to become our registered members."Youcups" would not acquire any individual information of the users unless the users knows.

"Youcups" web or interrelated webs may record the address of the users and the overview activities on the web and so on, which only is used for analyzing flow and investigating network activities of the users in order to improve our service quality.

"Youcups" web and its interrelated webs will ask the users for inputting individual information sometimes, e.g. the users asking for joining the members or subscribing to electronic newspapers and other services or joining in other activities, in order to establish contact, finish deals and handle with subscription affairs. On the condition "Youcups" web and its interrelated webs are responsible for informing the users and if the users choose not to receive any advertisements or any contact information, " Youcups " should respect the rights of the users.

Individual Information Use:

The individual information acquired by the "Youcups" web and its interrelated webs should be used for the regulated aims and scopes. Unless "Youcups" makes illumination in advance or according to the HK laws, we would not provide any individual information to the third part or use the information for the other purposes.

Cookie: For the convenience of the users, part webs of "Youcups" might use "cookie" in order to provide more suitable services for the users." Cookie", a technique for the communication between the host computer of the web and the browsers of the users, might memory some information in the computer of the user. However, the users could enact or cancel or limit the function.

Information Safety:

For protecting your privacy right and safety, your account information in the "Youcups" web will be protected by the password.

Sometimes, "Youcups" adopt the most advanced SSL 128bit transmission password method in order to keep your date safe when transmitting.

Network Link:

"Youcups" and its interrelated webs might link to other webs or pages not affiliated to "Youcups" ,whose content or privacy policy are no business to "Youcups" .